The Show Goes On, Whatever the Weather!

The forecast is currently for snow.

That was true last year, too, and it didn’t snow at all.

This is just a reminder that, whatever the weather, the show will go on tomorrow, rain or snow!

Some helpful tips in case you needed them.

  • Plan extra time to get where you are going- you don’t want to be late for a performance!
  • If it’s snowing tomorrow, parking in the RI Convention Center lot is recommended.
  • If it’s snowing during the laser show, it will look extra special, as the precipitant will act as a prism for the laser-beams.
  • If it’s snowing very hard we may cancel a couple of the outdoor events (the figure-skating display, the opening ceremonies- but 3/4 of the events we do are indoors, and those will all go on as planned!

Looking forward to a beautiful and wonderful Bright Night!

See you on the streets or on the stages (or in the audience!)


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