Bill Harley wins Grammy Award!

Yes To Running! Bill Harley Live
Bill Harley
[Round River Records]

Bill Harley, a regular Bright Night Performer won a Grammy award last night. That makes his second award in 3 years!

“Go find this guy! Harley has the heart of a child and a love of life we can all share.” — LA Parent

* This live double CD captures the essence of Grammy Award winner Bill Harley’s vibrant, hilarious, tender, and wise songwriting and storytelling.
* Back to school stories provide an irreverent and true look at elementary school days.
* Live versions of fan favorite songs and stories.

“Harley’s witty ebullient performance will have listeners young and old laughing out loud.” — Publishers Weekly

“When national treasure Bill Harley releases a new kids’ album, it’s good reason to celebrate.” — Family Fun

“Bill Harley’s never forgotten the day-to-day reality of being a kid, and it’s one of his greatest assets.” — Billboard


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