The Big Noise– and Happy New Year!

Bright Night culminated this year with a new phenomenon that we called the Big Noise–

We encouraged everyone to gather at Kennedy Plaza at 11:45 for a “Battle of the Bands” that wasn’t a battle at all. At around 11:55 we had a trial run of making some noise, and then we all counted down together and made the loudest noise we could. It was really spectacular, and a really great feeling of community right there on the steps of City Hall. We had about 600 people or so in Kennedy Plaza at the time, with about 200 dancing and singing and playing along with ERB (Extraordinary Rendition Band) and the Banished Fools.

It was a really special moment of community, and we hope to continue to spark and continue this feeling.

Happy New Year from the whole group of Bright Night artists to you and yours!

We hope to see you next year, dancing and singing and celebrating with us!

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