Bright Night Providence Featured On The City!

Festival director Adam Gertsacov and Big Nazo director Erminio Pinque will be appearing on Mayor Cicilline’s cable access show The City throughout the month of December.

It’s a very funny program (there’s a surprise entrance that really surprises the Mayor about 9 minutes in! It changes the whole demeanor of the stately talking head show. And the Mayor’s expression is priceless!)
(The picture to the left was taken two years ago at a Press conference…Left to right it features Adam Gertsacov, a Big Nazo chicken character, and Mayor David Cicilline.

If you have Cox Cable, this is the basic schedule….

Program runs December 1—December 30

If you live in Providence:Channel 18 Thursdays at 10 pm & Fridays at 9 am

If you live anywhere in the State: Channel 15 Mondays at 6:30 pm & Wednesdays at 8:30 pm.

So if you live in Providence, you have 4 chances a week to see it!

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