Past Artists (12/31/2012)

Family-Friendly Day Programming (Noon-5pm):

  • Amy The Mime: A fresh eclectic blend of conventional and nonconventional pantomime, including some props, twisting balloons and ukelele!
  • Bruce James The Comedian Hypnotist (+ evening show!): Get dazzled, amazed and experience oneof the funniest best stage hypnosis shows ever! Don’t miss this energetic mix of comedy, hypnosis, and non-stop laughter from start to finish during this hysterical Las Vegas Style Hypnotic Performance.
  • Bruce Kalver’s Magic Show: Bruce is a full time magician, magic inventor, theater producer/director, and popular radio talk show host.  He continues to entertain, astound and amaze audiences of all ages using simple household items.
  • Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio: The Carolun Dutra Dancers, age 5-18, perform upbeat, diverse shows throughout the United States and Europe.
  • Creative Chica Face-Painting: Creative Chica will be providing free face-painting to Bright Night attendees.
  • Bill Harley: Genuine, irreverent, universal, ridiculous and original, Bill Harley is a two-time Grammy award-winning artist who uses song and story to paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of American life.
  • Ron Bianco: As a singer-guitarist-entertainer, Mr Ronn’s family show will engage the audience in participation in the playing of many small percussion instruments, singing, hand-clapping, and an occasional howl.
  • Fusionworks II: Different is Good.  The pre-professional dancers of Fusionworks II will present a fun and festive modern dance performance that will bring you from the ocean floor to the Irish hills.
  • Laughletics: Competitive Improv: Laughletics is a competitive improv comedy show that plays like a sports match complete with a referee.  Teams compete in improvised games in order to win laughs and applause from the audience.  Let the comedy begin!
  • Lon Cerel: Magician: Lon Cerel is a keen combination of performer, comedian, and magician – having been voted 3 times “RI’s Best Family Entertainment.”  He has been working audiences with skill, wit, and a love of his craft for more than 25 years and his performances percolate with energy punctuated by unexpected bursts of contagious laughter.
  • Marvelous Marvin’s Circus Workshop:  Join Marvelous Marvin’s Circus Arts workshop.  Learn to juggle, spin and balance!
  • Meet the Little Mermaid:  Calling all Princesses, Pirates, and Princes!  The Little Mermaid will be making a special appearance, photos are welcome!
  • Poetry Reading by Brian Tancrell: City Scribbles & Bottle Dregs.  From quiet towns to dusty cities writings become scattered on desks and dirty floors.  Collected, rescripted, presented.
  • RIAFAS Antique Firetruck Display Exhibit
  • RI Museum of Science & Art Activity Tables: A series of hands-on, interactive exhibits that investigate the interplay between science and art.  Families can play, explore, investigate, and make art at these hands-on activity stations.
  • RI Smokehouse Trailer
  • Rock-A-Baby:  Three musicians perform a 45-minute concert featuring puppets “Rhythm, Melody & Harmony,” instruments to shake along, a story to sing, dancing, games, bubbles and more!  Musical performance for children ages 4 months to 6 years.
  • Sparky’s PuppetsStories from Snowy Lands.  Sparky’s Puppets dramatizes favorite children’s stories with colorful puppets, lively humor, and plenty of audience participation!
  • Stories with Mother Nature:  The engaging Mother Nature performance reflects a deep compassion for the ecology of the planet and its plants and animals.  Children of all ages are enlightened and inspired through upbeat and playful original and old songs and stories from the perspective of “Mother Nature” herself.
  • Storytelling by Carolyn Martino:  Stories from Here, There, and Everywhere.  Called “one of Rhode Island’s most influential artists” by the Providence Phoenix, Carolyn Martino makes stories come alive for listeners of all ages.
  • Storytelling by Mark Binder:  Joy, Laughter & Tales for the New Year.  Mark Binder is the autor who knows how to tell a story for all ages.  His award-winning books and audio are fun and appropriate for all ages.
  • W.S. Monroe Traditional Folksongs (+ evening show!):  Traditional folksongs of Britain & North America, sung and accompanied on guitar, mandolin, concertina, or with no instrument!

Opening Ceremonies with Special Guests (5-6pm)

Evening Programming (6-11pm): 

  • AS 220 Criss Cross Orchestra:  Dance to Ghanaian Sounds.  ACCO is directed by Obuamah Laud Addy, and award winning West African Ghanaian musician and composer.  He is joined by many of the finest New England musicians and ensemble performers.
  • The Banished Fools:  Wild street parades with crazy costumes and percussion!
  • BIG NAZO:  An international performance group of visual artists, puppet performers, and masked musicians who unite to create bizarre and hilarious larger-than-life sized characters, environments and spectacles.
  • Black & White Band:  Since 1990 BLACK & WHITE have performed throughout New England at club venues and festivals alike.  The award winners have shared bills with music luminaries Bo Diddley, Junior Wells, Eric Burdon, Jefferson Airplane, etc.
  • The Blue Album:  A Weezer tribute band comprised of members of several local bands.  They perform Weezer’s S/T and Pinkerton albums.
  • Family Friendly Improv (BYOI):  An interactive improv show that welcomes voluntary audience participation.  Their show is family friendly comedy for all ages!
  • Burr Harrison Storytelling:  The story of a Rhode Island family as they work their way through the challenges and rewards of life in the Ocean State.
  • Chris Carbone:  A professional magician and entertainer, specializing in sleight of hand and close-up magic.
  • Elizabeth Reian Bennet playing the Japanese Shakuhachi:  Sounds of Nature and the Buddha.  A journey with the Japanese Shakuhachi to the world of wandering monks.
  • Extraordinary Rendition Band:  A Providence-based street band of reeds, brass and percussion.  They are a democratic organization that plays a wide variety of music that uplifts everybody within earshot.  They will be popping up all throughout downtown during Bright Night, bringing silly antics, divine raiments, and spontaneous moments of raucous musical joy.
  • Heather Rose In Clover:  This trio is a fresh mix of musical styles that ignores genre boundaries while never misplacing the rock n’ roll roots that bind them together.
  • Inca Son:  A Night in the Andes Mountains with Inca Son.  The splendor of Peruvian folklore comes alive with this acclaimed music ensemble, winner of the Boston Music Award and 2008 Los Angeles Music Award for “Best World Artist”.
  • Jazz Cello:  A jazz cello ensemble.
  • Knuf Said:  A funky and hip mix of music from a real jazz band!
  • Kristi Martel Singer/Songwriter:  Avant-soul piano diva Kristi Martel’s sweet presence, stunning vocals, intricate piano rhythms, and fearless songwriting endear audiences nationwide.
  • Mystic Jammers:  The Mystic Jammers use sonic science and music metaphysics to drive audiences into a state of ecstasy.
  • Rhode Island Children’s Chorus:  An award-winning group of 70 singers aged 8-16 represents 22 cities and towns in RI and MA.  Their beautiful voices will delight audiences of all ages as they offer a selection of seasonal holiday favorites.
  • The Rice Cakes:  Three kids residing in Providence that enjoy making new, experimental and fun music.
  • Sappy The Old Cowpoke:  Stories, songs, jokes, clogging and rope-spinning of the old west for all ages 5 and up!  This performance incorporates audience participation, genuine information about western life, as well as a values message in each original story.
  • Smith & Weeden:  A band that makes you tap your feet, and then cry, and then dance, and then maybe sing along!  Put in your ear!
  • Steve Hiss Quintet:  Cool Jazz to Bring in the New Year.  A mix of Bossa Nova Latin Blues, and Standards will be performed for all age groups to enjoy.
  • Strings 1-8 (Canto Insano):  Canto Insano: A Growing Chamber Ensemble.  A selection of chamber pieces from Bach to Schickele, solo to octet, and everything in between!
  • The Wippets:  Voted Best Roots Act of the Year by the Phoenix 2009 and nominated by Motif Magazine for Americana.
  • Women RIsing:  A Providence-based a cappella ensemble comprised of a diverse group of women spanning several different generations.  They use the strength and sprit of music to inspire, educate and empower women and the larger community.

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